Sell Your House Without an Agent in Lynchburg VA

Selling your home without an agent, or FSBO (For Sale By Owner), can be overwhelming. If you’re like many other home sellers, your immediate thought upon deciding to sell was to call a real estate agent, quickly followed by cringing at the thought of paying their high real estate commissions.  Taking on the duties of … Continued

Zombie Properties In Lynchburg VA

A zombie property is a house that has been abandoned by its owner, usually because they are facing foreclosure. At the same time, the lender has not taken ownership of the property, nor have they sold it, leaving it as an abandoned property. There are numerous reasons a lender might not finalize a foreclosure, including … Continued

Tips for People Who Have Inherited Real Estate in Lynchburg VA

When you’ve inherited real estate in Lynchburg VA, it’s the beginning of a long road of decisions and details to handle at an emotionally difficult time. However, as the clock keeps ticking, holding costs will begin to add up, and you’ll need to take quick action to manage the property, or the outcome could be … Continued

Real Estate Wholesalers in Lynchburg VA

Many people think the only two options for selling real estate are for sale by owner, or listing with a real estate agent. Wholesalers, however, offer another option. Personal preferences, unforeseen circumstances, or the home’s condition can mean that listing the home on the Lynchburg real estate market isn’t the best option. Wholesalers work with … Continued

How to manage a rental property in Lynchburg

When you invest in real estate, you’re building wealth and a future of passive income, allowing you to live out your golden years enjoying the activities you wish on your terms. However, purchasing the best deal in Lynchburg doesn’t guarantee continued success with the property. The calculations for your returns on the investment, or ROI, … Continued

Do You Have An Expired Listing Agreement in Lynchburg VA?

When a listing lingers on the market, sellers experience a long road of hopeful anticipation followed by disappointment as the days, weeks, and months pass. As a result, plans for the future must be put on hold, and stress levels have likely risen as costs for holding onto the property continue to roll in like … Continued

Need to Sell a House With Cloudy Title in Lynchburg VA?

Liens, judgments, title issues, or encumbrances can cause a cloudy or defective title because it makes it difficult to discern the proper owner. In addition, a cloudy or defective title creates issues if you need to sell your home because most buyers use traditional lenders to attain a mortgage. When buyers qualify for a loan, … Continued

Why You Should Downsize Your House in Lynchburg VA

There is a trend toward smaller homes for many reasons, including people having smaller families with less focus on owning things and more on personal development, travel, and outdoor activity. And as time passes, our needs change; if you’re using a small percentage of your home to live in, there is no longer a need … Continued

Things To Fix Before You List Your House in Lynchburg VA

Are you thinking about listing your Lynchburg VA house? If so, you will likely be making some fixes and upgrades to the home in order to get it listing-ready. But not all repairs are created equal. You don’t want to make expensive repairs that offer little to no return. 5 Things To Fix Before You … Continued

How To Find A Great Real Estate Agent in Lynchburg VA

There are lots of agents out there. They all say they want to work for you and will do “whatever it takes!” How To Find A Great Real Estate Agent in Lynchburg VA? What should you look for in a Realtor? We have put together our Top 5 signs of a great real estate agent … Continued

How to Estimate Repairs When Selling Your House in Lynchburg VA

Read on as we explore how to estimate repairs when selling your house in Lynchburg VA. A necessary part of the process is the inspection when you are selling your home, and for many sellers, this fact causes many a restless night. However, facing the issue head-on will allow you to understand what you are … Continued